Malvern Dental Care - Dr Pooven Govender - Dentist/Dental Surgeon - Queensburgh

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Malvern Dental Care - Dr Pooven Govender - Dentist/Dental Surgeon  - Queensburgh

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    031 464 8587
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  • Crown and bridge, root canal treatments, all basic, specialized and cosmetic dentistry.
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  • *Biolase Dentist
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Our practice was established in 2008 by Dr Pooven Govender, a graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand (BDS 2002). Initially situated at the Malvern Park Shopping Centre, we were given excellent support from the Malvern community. Continued growth of our practice allowed us to purchase our own premises in 2011. Situated at 254 Main Rd, Malvern   we are centrally located and easily accessible with ample safe parking and spacious air-conditioned rooms. We have two fully equipped surgeries, with digital x-rays, a panoramic x-ray machine and intra-oral cameras.

We service the greater Queensburgh area and our goal is to provide the highest quality patient care for the whole family, at affordable rates. All treatments are done at medical aid rates and we offer very attractive cash rates as well. All Medical Aids Are Accepted as well as credit card and debit card payments, and payments using Edcon store cards.

*Dr Govender now has the BIOLASE EPIC X soft-tissue laser which helps provide a scientifically advanced, highly accurate and more gentle experience with regard to oral soft tissue surgery, periodontal treatments, endodontic laser disinfection (less need for chemicals and antibiotics) as well as laser pain therapy and laser teeth whitening without sensitivity. The laser energy used in all of these procedures changes what used to be major surgeries to simple in-chair procedures in seconds with minimal to no bleeding as it coagulates as it cuts, not needing stitches! Laser anaesthesia is something to smile about as it lowers the need for injections. This EPIC soft tissue laser has the ideal wavelength (940nm) for soft tissue dentistry, achieving all this at lower power and with less heat resulting in minimal post-procedure discomfort.

Some common procedures that Dr Govender will use this soft tissue laser are: Gum Reshaping (Gingivectomy), Gum Depigmentation, Frenectomy (frequently needed on children), Cold Sores, Apthous Ulcers and Hemangioma’s need only laser energy, Implant / Tooth Exposure, Dry Sockets, TMJ & Facial Pain Relief, Removing Oral Growths, Operculectomy (gum growth over molar), Excisions for biopsy, Troughing and more.

Book your dental check-up or procedure on 031 464 8510
Address: 254 Main Road, Malvern, Queensburgh

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