One of the privileges that goes with living in the KZN region of South Africa is that we have Vervet Monkeys living around our homes, schools, parks and even our factories. With the presence of monkeys we also have mixed emotions about them, but love them or hate them, even be indifferent to them, they are here to stay... if we can educate and enlighten enough people to care about Vervet Monkeys and what they are really about.

​Vervet Monkeys are amongst the most misunderstood and persecuted animals in South Africa and certainly in KwaZulu-Natal, which is what led to the formation of Monkey Helpline in 1995.

​We are a volunteer group based in Westville near Durban, KwaZulu-Natal but operate throughout South Africa and abroad... wherever our assistance and advice is requested.

Please see attached our Monkey Helpline Newsletter, Issue 01.

We are very excited to share our wonderful news with you.

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Invitation to join an Entrepreneurs Webinar on friday 12 June 2020, please click below to RSVP.

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Trust you are all well and keeping safe.

An invitation to a Retirement & Investment webinar that Quattro will be hosting virtually Thursday, 4th June 2020 at 09:00.  Please RSVP by clicking on the button in the invite.  Details of the webinar will then be emailed to you.


Dear client. Please see attached invite for our Entrepreneur's Webinar that Quattro will be hosting this week Wed, 27th May, at 9am. We would love for you to join us and please feel to forward this invite to anyone you think would be interested. Kindly click on the link to RSVP and details of the webinar will be emailed to you. Please let me know if you will be joining. Kind regards Melina


Quattro will be hosting virtually next week Tuesday, 19 May 2020 at 14:00pm.  Please RSVP by clicking on the button in the invite.  Details of the webinar will then be emailed to you.

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covid19aThere are significant obligations placed on directors by the Companies Act and personal and criminal liabilities if they fail to meet these obligations.

As a director you will no doubt be focusing on critical issues like keeping your business afloat and solvent (the CIPC has waived its right to intervene when a company becomes temporarily insolvent due to the lockdown and other restrictions imposed. This concession will be withdrawn 60 days after the lifting of the National Disaster regulations), don’t forget that the Companies Act is still in force.

The coronavirus has created an unprecedented situation which demands swift, decisive action by directors – for example, the President only gave the country 72 hours’ notice before the lockdown came into effect, which gave little time for directors to react to the new reality.

No change in your duties or liabilities

Despite the coronavirus there is no change to the duties or liabilities of directors. They must perform their role:
• “in good faith…, 

• in the best interests of the company

• with the degree of care, skill and diligence that may reasonably be expected of a person -

◦ carrying out the same functions in relation to the company as those carried out by that director; and 

◦ having the general knowledge, skill and experience of that director.”
“Good faith”, “best interests” and “care, skill and diligence” are onerous terms. For a director to be protected against falling foul of these provisions that director needs to show that he/she took diligent steps to be informed of the issue and made a rational decision in the best interests of the company. This is known as the Business Judgment Rule and courts look to this when considering a director’s personal liability.

The impact of the King IV Report  

When considering the Business Judgment Rule, the courts have relied on whether a director followed the King IV Code of Good Governance when reaching their decision. 

One issue that will arise with the coronavirus is that King IV mandates that a company be a good corporate citizen and part of this is to look after the health and safety of employees (following the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and now government’s Disaster Management Act Regulations) – for example, were adequate steps taken in terms of the National State of Disaster declared by the President such as social distancing (working from home where feasible) and  ensuring employees had access to masks, hand sanitisers and so on at work? 

Failure to comply with King IV in this scenario means directors will not be able to rely on the Business Judgment Rule and can be held personally liable for losses incurred.

Will your indemnity insurance cover you?

Directors can take out indemnity insurance, covering claims awarded, in their personal capacity, when they commit “wrongful acts”. However, the insurance will not apply if there is “wilful misconduct or wilful breach of trust” by the director (check your policy’s exact wording). An example might be the director being convicted under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. 

As a director you could find yourself being held personally liable for your decisions and being denied access to your indemnity insurance cover.

Dealing with the pandemic increases the pressure on directors but doesn’t absolve them of their liabilities.    

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Herewith the latest market information :

Prime : 9.75%
Gold (US$ per ounce) : 1 572.63 (-0.01)
Brent Crude (US$ per barrel) : 54.08 (-0.18)
Dow Jones : 29 276.00 (+0.60%)
JSE Alsi : 56 848.00 (-0.75%)
ZAR/US$ : 14.95 (+0.15)
ZAR / Euro : 16.31 (+0.26)
ZAR / GBP : 19.32 (+0.24)

Market moving events : Our market was softer yesterday as investors paused ahead of the State of the Nation address by President Cyril Ramaphosa and the release of some major economic data later this week. The US market was stronger overnight following signs that the rate of infection of the coronavirus could be declining. Our market should open in the black today.

Positive Pointer : The Eastern Cape-based COEGA Development Corporation said that it is ahead of targets for new investors in this financial year.

Enjoy Tuesday.

Kind Regards

Richard Watt
Quattro Offices

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Herewith the latest market information :

Prime : 9.75%
Gold (US$ per ounce) : 1 578.09 (+6.51)
Brent Crude (US$ per barrel) : 58.59 (-1.22)
Dow Jones : 28 859.00 (+0.43%)
JSE Alsi : 56 591.00 (+0.39%)
ZAR/US$ : 14.81 (-0.21)
ZAR / Euro : 16.32 (-0.26)
ZAR / GBP : 19.40 (-0.40)

Market moving events : Our market was positive yesterday. The top performer was Massmart, which advanced by 6.44% after revealing a turnaround plan. The Rand took further pain as isolated cases of the coronavirus were reported outside of China and limited loadshedding was announced by Eskom.

Positive Pointer : After protracted negotiations, MTN has finally struck a deal with the Nigerian authorities around their “tax” bill.

Enjoy Friday and have a great weekend.

Kind Regards
Richard Watt
Quattro Offices