Not long ago, booking a hotel was complicated, time consuming and stressful. It was not exactly easy to compare prices – always leaving you unsure if you got the best bang for your buck. Then came sites like Expedia, Orbitz, Hotels.com and Booking.com, which allow consumers to efficiently compare prices, read reviews, view high res images and even compare amenities.

“Price comparison websites are essential for getting the best deals on the web—especially when you don’t have the time to hunt down best offers or wait for good deals to come around.” says Shaun Rademeyer, Chief Executive Officer of MultiNET. “The global online market provides the consumer with endless supplies of information regarding products and services, why should it be any different for clients looking for home loans? “

Whilst the home loan industry in South Africa does not currently have a true online financing comparative site, the mortgage origination businesses like MultiNET Home Loans provides the same service to the SA consumers.

These days, term bond origination has become common place in South Africa. Since its introduction nearly 20 years ago the industry has revolutionised the home loan application process and assisted thousands of people to achieve their dreams of buying their own home. Bond originators like MultiNET make the process of applying for a home loan easy and simple, reduce the time it takes to be approved, and work hard to ensure that applicants get the best possible interest rate and loan package available to them.

MultiNET, the only independent mortgage originator in South Africa, is focused on developing professional business partnerships with independent real estate agents, creating wealth for all. MultiNET delivers a simplified, proven and effective solution referred to as ‘The Power of One’. At MultiNET smart people and technology enable the delivery of meaningful results for their valued partners.

There are five key components to look for in a bond origination partner: accountability, knowledge, convenience, service, and speed.


With a bond originator, it is even more important to uphold a superb reputation. We make a concerted effort to deliver what we preach and when an issue arises, we go above and beyond to make it right as our commitment to customer service.


When it comes to home financing every application has its own unique challenges, from structuring a self-employed application to negotiating the best loan to value with the Banks, it is essential that the home loans consultant knows the ins and outs of their trade. Many times the difference between “home loan approved” to “home loan declined” lies in the hands of the person handling the application, MultiNET prides itself on appointing the best in the market giving our estate agent partners the advantage over the competitors.


Pretty much everything we do in daily life can be done remotely, electronically, and whenever we have time. MultiNET works in the same way. We have streamlined the process,
• One consultant ensuring access to multiple banks
• One set of documents, reduction in paperwork required
• One interview, benefit to the buyer by lessening time and inconvenience
• One source, accurate timely feedback


In line with our commitments to accountability, service and convenience, we’re committed to the best customer service. We go above and beyond to be available and answer all questions that may arise in the process.
MultiNET staff are ‘Elite Mortgage Professionals’ because they are trained by some of the best in the industry, thus allowing them to provide the best expert advice and put clients in the best financial position.


One of the huge advantages working with MultiNET is expedited processing. Through our technology partners we are able to automate the verification process while increasing accuracy and ultimately allowing us to close loans in the shortest time possible.

The “Power of One” enables MultiNET to leverage their relationships with all major financial institutions for the benefit of clients. MultiNET always acts with integrity in all dealings with customers, employees and business partners thus ensuring your business data is safe and secure.

Rademeyer is of the opinion “Through evolving technologies, the lending process will become much easier, faster and even more transparent for the end consumer. Innovative ways to verify information and make credit decisions are growing by leaps and bounds already. This will allow many new products and investors to enter the marketplace while mitigating default risks.”

“Whether you are looking to buy a property or are an independent agent looking for a reliable partner, MultiNET delivers a simplified, proven and effective solution ensuring that you experience true service excellence delivered by a dedicated and caring team.” concludes Rademeyer.