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You CAN live life free from addiction.

I provide individual and family coaching/counseling to help you win the recovery battle.

This includes all types of addiction from substance abuse, gambling, pornography, electronics, as well as eating disorders.

When you have decided that you are tired of your unmanageable way of life and want to make positive changes that will sustain a life of sober recovery - I can help.

I also offer a drug testing service.

My goal in life is to save you time on the road to recovery.

How ?

By helping you to change the choices that lead you to unmanageable situations. It takes a very long time before they load and auto play.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step in the right direction.

I started a journey myself eight years ago that took me through a process of discovering that I am not a mistake, I just made some mistakes in my life. What you would call a "serial bad decision-maker". A series of self-improvement courses lead to the point where I completed a course where I received accreditation as a  Professional Recovery Coach ( CPRC ) , which has equipped me with the skills to offer my services to you if you want to move from a state of chaos in your life to a new healthy state of being.

I firmly believe that : "if nothing changes, nothing changes.''

I stayed in a state of denial for many years, until I gave myself the freedom to look back over my life and allow the emotions to surface from the memories. It was not easy because I had buried them so deep.

I cherish the freedom and peace in my life today and I want you to have the same.

"When I changed, my world changed."







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